Enjoy Work? Yes, please.

I think more often than not, most of us go through our routine day in survival mode. We know what time we need to leave the house to make it to work on time, how much coffee to drink to get us through lunch, and exactly which goals on our checklist need to be completed to call the day a success. We take care of these action items, go home, and then begin to do what we enjoy.  To me, this isn’t life; at least, not one I want to live.

There is a great book, called “Happy Hour is 9 to 5” that really made me think. You can find more information on the book, written by Alexander Kjerulf at www.positivesharing.com, and I recommend that you do. The goal he has in mind is simple, love what you do, pour yourself into it, and you will be successful, and more importantly you won’t dread how you spend over a third of your adult life.

I know not everyone has the most glamorous job in the universe. There are days where I label photos all day…for the whole day. That’s 9 plus hours of changing IMG_8329.jpg to RandomEvent_March09-01.jpg.   Scintillating, is it not? But the point is that you find something positive in the work place, and in the everyday to make it enjoyable.  I am taking a stand and I am going to refuse to make like a Loverboy song and work for the weekend.

Like I stated previously, some days it is simply finding something to cling to. Whether that is a friendship or a funny comment from a co-worker, or challenging myself to go above and beyond on a project that I might be tempted to “mail in”. Even though things around you might not be what you picture your dream job like, you have the power to make them better.

 I have started applying this philosophy to both my full time job, and my freelance work and I can say that at two months in, things have never been better. I am not going to lie and tell you that I don’t have moments where things bum me out; that simply isn’t true. But instead of letting it ruin my day and zap my motivation, I am know attempting to use that as a catalyst for change.  

What I find that really helps is assigning yourself goals. And don’t confuse “goals” with a checklist. I don’t want a list of one off projects that I can get done in a day. “Send File to Printer” needs to get done sure, but that is just part of the bigger picture. A goal is something to the tune of “spend a half hour a day creative brainstorming”, or “come up with three ways to help your department be more efficient.” They aren’t items to be scratched off a list, but are measurable, and actionable, and give you the opportunity to mix things up in the workplace.

So let’s challenge ourselves, and let’s indulge in a positive frame of mind. With the monotony of work gets you done, spice it up. When someone’s bad attitude bums you out, be positive and show him or her how it’s done. Instead of just stumbling through your checklist, find meaning in what you do, and challenge yourself to do it better and differently.

It may not happen instantly, and it may be harder for some than it is for others, but in the end the pay off seems more than worth it. Take it from me, I’m just a guy that wants to love what he does and is trying to do just that.


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